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AMAZING AQUALINA! Great news as a tough year comes to a close - the launch of Aqualina, a phenomenal new beachfront development on one of the best beaches in The Bahamas, indeed in the world! Just steps from the magnificent Baha Mar Resort and the largest casino in the Caribbean, Aqualina is perfectly located in the heart of the Cable Beach strip. There are only 27 of these large, luxurious and exclusive residences, and each one has breathtaking ocean views of sparkling, clear, aqua ocean below.


Finishes are impeccable, with European custom kitchens and bathrooms, floor to ceiling hurricane rated glass doors and windows, LED lighting throughout, Wolf and Sub Zero appliances, including a full size wine cooler, and custom closets. Aqualina amenities

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Veteran agent Ken Chaplin faces unusual challenges when it comes to exercise. He lives on a boat! Usually an avid biker, take a look at how he has adjusted and changed how he exercises now!

When did you start exercising?

So basically…when did I start exercising…well I’ve never been one to do proper exercise routines. I like to do an activity which I enjoy that also gives me exercise. I guess what really prompted me to be a little bit more serious was when I had surgery about ten/twelve years ago and I wanted to regain my health and my fitness so I started cycling.

I joined a cycling group and I built it up and over several years I managed to do the Ride for Hope. It was my goal to do the whole one hundred miles which I managed to do about the

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Krystal's transformation appeared fast and dramatic! However it wasn't easy - but hard work and determination pays off and Krystal has kept it up. Read how she does it and get some great tips on eating well in our talk with Krystal Treco!

Exercise with Krystal

When did you start exercising?

I've been working out for about 2 years now everyday. Being locked inside has forced me to push myself to try to stay active as much as I can during the day. 

 Why do you exercise?

I exercise daily because I am getting married in November and want to be a much fitter person by then.

Krystal Now and Then

Krystal now and then!

Why is exercise important to you?

I truly want to be an active person who takes care of their health as a necessity. 

How is your exercise routine different

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With over 25 years in sales and marketing, real estate is a perfect fit for Byron and he has made a very successful transition! Check out how he keeps in shape to keep on top of his game!


When did you start exercising?

Exercise has been a part of my entire life.  Being a former college athlete, I have been working out at some level since high school.  Working out for Track and Field at a NCAA Division 1 level was very intense and for many years after college, I had discontinued any consistent routine maybe due to burn-out, but when my two sons began competing in a number of sports during their high school and college careers, I picked it up again by working out with them. They both went on to be collegiate athletes and both sons reside in the

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Welcome to the first in a series of chats with our agents on what exercise means to them, especially in these most peculiar times when we in The Bahamas, along with the rest of the world live under a Covid-19 curfew. Dave McCorquodale, a veteran agent, a veteran runner, and our very own expert on the The Reef at Atlantis  is up first!

So Dave when did you start exercising?

I started exercising with Outdoor Fitness Bahamas under the watchful eye of a fabulous certified trainer Craig Walkine Sr. about 10 years ago. I’ve run 12 Half Marathons in total including a few International events, Havana 3 times and Miami once three years ago.


Dave at the Havana Half Marathon in 2019. He completed the event in 2 hours and thirty two minutes


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one particular harbour, bahamas view from the ocean

The Pointe is a grand new luxury development at the heart of Nassau in the Bahamas. Centrally located, with integrated marina, retail, resort, and entertainment facilities, The Pointe is set to become the most prestigious residence around downtown Nassau.

So, if you're interested in residence or investment opportunities in the Bahamas, then you definitely need to find out more about The Pointe! 

Interested? Good, then keep reading...

interior, the pointe luxury condominiumThe Pointe - Luxury Condos

The Pointe is a multi-stage development that will eventually include a resort, marina, entertainment center, and various retail and dining options. But if you want to get the most out of the Pointe, you'll need to grab one of its fantastic condos.

If you can land one of these

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suite balcony, goldwynn, bahamas

The bustling city of Nassau is the premier gateway to the Bahamas, with its miles of reefs, white-sand beaches, and charming culture. And just west of Nassau is the beautiful Cable Beach, a very prestigious location on New Providence Island and home to no less than 5 luxury resorts.

Now that number is set to rise with the addition of The Residences at Goldwynn, a 5-story boutique condo-hotel featuring incredible ownership and rental opportunities.

Curious? Read on to find out more...

aerial view of the residences at goldwynn, bahamasThe Residences at Goldwynn

The Residences at Goldwynn have a lot to offer. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • A beachfront infinity pool
  • Seaside dining
  • A theater, fitness center, and spa
  • Underground parking
  • Elegant modern architecture
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The appeal of living and working in the Bahamas are pretty obvious. The wonderful sunny weather, pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are a huge draw to thousands of visitors each year.

Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that traffic.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas has tax laws and regulations that help to make it that much more appealing to investors. There are especially great benefits for American and Canadian Investors. Here's all you need to know if you’re considering investing in Bahamas real estate as a money-making enterprise!

Tenancy Laws are Very Pro-Landlord

Rentals in the Bahamas are separated into two broad categories: short term (holiday or vacation rentals) vs common rentals. For both types of rentals,

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The Bahamas is well known as a tax haven and prime location for foreign investors. Today, we'd like to provide an in-depth guide on how US citizens can gain a significant tax benefit by setting up shop along the sunny shores of the Bahamas.

In some instances, US individuals or companies can save up to 35% by setting up international operations using a relatively small investment and expanding using tax-free earnings.

Where do these tax advantages come from?

These special tax advantages are available courtesy of the taxation provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). These provisions provide the guidelines that allow certain people and businesses tax exemptions or deferments of foreign income by the US government.

To become eligible,

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bahamian tax benefits for canadians

Despite Canada's wide reaching financial laws on income and restrictions on tax havens, the Bahamas can still serve as an ideal place to invest in, for non-residents.

In contrast to tax law in the United States, income taxation is based on residence, rather than citizenship. This means that while Canadian residents are taxed on any of their worldwide income, non-residents are only taxed through a withholding tax regime on certain specific kinds of investments.

These investments include things like:

  • Income from employment in Canada
  • Business carried out in Canada
  • Gains realized on the disposition of taxable Canadian property

Corporations that are non-residents of Canada follow much the same guidelines. However, all Canadian

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