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Selling a home on your own can be a challenging journey. The allure of moving to The Bahamas is undeniable and has prompted many people, especially Canadians, Americans and Europeans, to buy vacation houses or second homes in this sunny paradise. 

The Bahamas' real estate market has witnessed significant shifts, especially during the past few years, thanks to global exposure. To help you navigate this dynamic landscape, we're here to share the insider secrets of expert property selling. 

From market analysis to the advantages of engaging professionals, we’ll share insider tips for selling property in The Bahamas that you won't find anywhere else.

Real Estate Market Condition for Sellers (2023/2024)

The Bahamas' real estate market is…

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Relocating to a different country can be both thrilling and daunting, particularly for expats with families. Among various considerations regarding the move, education is at the top of the list for families with children.

Many parents wonder— if we were to move to The Bahamas, will our children have access to world-class education in The Bahamas? 

The answer, a definite YES! 

Many international and private schools in The Bahamas offer various curriculum options you can choose from. Our agents at ERA Dupuch Real Estate, who often work with families and parents, understand this concern and can help customers choose neighbourhoods near the schools of their choice.

With the help of our experienced realtors, we've compiled this guide to brief…

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