Coming Soon: The Pointe

The Pointe is a grand new luxury development at the heart of Nassau in the Bahamas. Centrally located, with integrated marina, retail, resort, and entertainment facilities, The Pointe is set to become the most prestigious residence around downtown Nassau. So, if you’re interested in residence or investment opportunities in the Bahamas, then you definitely need […]

Coming Soon: The Residences at Goldwynn

The bustling city of Nassau is the premier gateway to the Bahamas, with its miles of reefs, white-sand beaches, and charming culture. And just west of Nassau is the beautiful Cable Beach, a very prestigious location on New Providence Island and home to no less than 5 luxury resorts. Now that number is set to […]

All You Need Know About Buying a Bahamas Investment Property

The appeal of living and working in the Bahamas are pretty obvious. The wonderful sunny weather, pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are a huge draw to thousands of visitors each year. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that traffic. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas has tax laws and regulations that help […]

Bahamian Tax Benefits for American Investors

The Bahamas is well known as a tax haven and prime location for foreign investors. Today, we’d like to provide an in-depth guide on how US citizens can gain a significant tax benefit by setting up shop along the sunny shores of the Bahamas. In some instances, US individuals or companies can save up to […]

Bahamian Tax Benefits for Canadian Investors

Despite Canada’s wide reaching financial laws on income and restrictions on tax havens, the Bahamas can still serve as an ideal place to invest in, for non-residents. In contrast to tax law in the United States, income taxation is based on residence, rather than citizenship. This means that while Canadian residents are taxed on any […]

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