Talking Exercise with Krystal

Krystal's transformation appeared fast and dramatic! However it wasn't easy - but hard work and determination pays off and Krystal has kept it up. Read how she does it and get some great tips on eating well in our talk with Krystal Treco!

Exercise with Krystal

When did you start exercising?

I've been working out for about 2 years now everyday. Being locked inside has forced me to push myself to try to stay active as much as I can during the day. 

 Why do you exercise?

I exercise daily because I am getting married in November and want to be a much fitter person by then.

Krystal Now and Then

Krystal now and then!

Why is exercise important to you?

I truly want to be an active person who takes care of their health as a necessity. 

How is your exercise routine different now than pre Covid? 

I am pushing myself to try to run at least two miles daily when I am allowed to leave the house. But I am also doing online workout classes in the morning. I might not be able to go to the gym but I am still trying to keep on my regular schedule. 

 Who/what inspires/motivates you?

I am motivated daily to be a better person. Working out gives me the motivation to push myself and gain a better and stronger mentality. 

 Exercise goals? 

I am trying to not gain any weight while I am home cooking and cleaning! Boredom snacking is a hard habit to break, so I am trying to make a conscious effort to move more and drink more water. 

So Krystal, when we order take out for lunch at the office, you always say no because you brought lunch. How come?

What I do is I pre-package my food at the beginning of the week. So on Sunday night I'll get everything together and I'll do my meal prep. I like to do steamed, baked or roasted vegetables and I try to make that most of the container. Then I’ll do about two to three ounces of chicken, fish or turkey which works for me - not everybody’s portions are gonna be the same. But I do roughly about that just so it’s enough for a lunch portion and then I will go ahead and add a little bit of brown rice. I try to eat my vegetables first, then my chicken, then my rice so whatever is leftover is the rice. 

 I also like to have my snacks ready to go too. That way when I do get hungry I have something that is easy to just go ahead and snack on!

Food Prep

That is great Krystal! Awesome tips thank you! 

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