Talking Exercise with Byron Ferguson

With over 25 years in sales and marketing, real estate is a perfect fit for Byron and he has made a very successful transition! Check out how he keeps in shape to keep on top of his game!

When did you start exercising?

Exercise has been a part of my entire life.  Being a former college athlete, I have been working out at some level since high school.  Working out for Track and Field at a NCAA Division 1 level was very intense and for many years after college, I had discontinued any consistent routine maybe due to burn-out, but when my two sons began competing in a number of sports during their high school and college careers, I picked it up again by working out with them. They both went on to be collegiate athletes and both sons reside in the US now so I am back to working out by myself again.

Byron smoking the competition in the Penn State Relays in 1988

Why do you exercise?

I exercise in order to keep toned and high energy.  Working in sales requires being able to move around physically quite a bit.  Being in shape allows me to work long hours and keep my energy and alertness high.  

Why is exercise important to you?

Exercise is important for everyone in different levels depending on their abilities and objectives.  It is especially important as you get older, in order to maintain your ability to live a healthy, injury free life.

How is your exercise routine different now than pre Covid?

My exercise routine is now more difficult than pre Covid.  Before Covid, my day would be planned and the routine would be to start with an activity to kick the day off.  Now post Covid, it is difficult to get motivated to get it in because the day is unplanned and has a lot of spare time.  My regular routine, three times per week (sometimes I fall off and skip days but this is what I try to get in) is a 3 to 5 mile light jog or fast walk, 50 push ups, 50 pull ups and 50 sit ups.  

Who/what inspires/motivates you?

My sons inspire me as we challenge each other when they are home.  I used to be able to beat them at everything but now I would do well just to keep up with them.  

I am also motivated by some of my former collegiate teammates who I am still in contact with through social media.  We all always reminisce on the old days and challenge each other to stay fit.

Exercise goals

To become more consistent with my workout routine and maybe getting back to and involved in some form of competition.  

I am a former sprinter so distance running was never my cup of tea, therefore these road races and half marathons could never work for me.

Great job Byron and we are sure you were a huge source of inspiration for your sons! It would be awesome to see you on the track again!

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