Fall Weekends and Time Change in The Bahamas

Posted by Blog Writer on Monday, November 20th, 2017 at 11:29am.

Early November always marks the time we 'fall backward' and 'loose' an hour of daylight. What does that mean to us? As boaters, it means we have to plan ahead and leave early as darkness comes sooner than usual and we don't want to be caught out coming home from boating in the dusk! It usually works out though as the children in the household show no regard for the change of time and are up at the crack dawn! 

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This past time change, Sunday November 5th, was a perfect boating day, the water calm and warm, and still a nice temperature for a quick dip!rose island property

Spectacular up and down Rose Island offers one of the best beaches in the Bahamas. Twelve miles long, sandy and incredibly pretty, with reefs, shoals, and every color blue you can imagine. The northern side has views of Sandy Cay, and Green Cay, while the southern side offers an alternative whenever the winds do not favor the usual northern anchorages. 

Enjoying the "Salt Life"! Nothing better than seeing kids, without their 'devices', having good, old-fashioned fun, playing in the sand and making the most of our gorgeous beaches. Days like this show it really is "Better in The Bahamas"!

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