Best Places to Live for Remote Workers in The Bahamas

With an increasing number of remote workers and digital nomads seeking ideal locations worldwide, The Bahamas has become a top choice. 

In 2023, more than 5 million Americans lived abroad, and many have found The Bahamas a perfect destination for remote work. Its stunning landscapes, favourable climate, excellent amenities, and high-speed internet make it a prime spot for digital nomads and remote workers. 

With numerous housing options, not just for living but also for real estate investments, ERA Dupuch Real Estate can help remote workers find the perfect home in this tropical paradise. 


Why Choose The Bahamas for Remote Work?

The Bahamas offers an exceptional environment for remote work with its easy visa processes, favourable tax benefits, and reliable infrastructure. Coupled with its exotic destinations and excellent amenities, it's no wonder many remote workers choose to live and work in this Caribbean haven.

Easy Remote Work Visa

The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) visa allowed remote workers to stay and work in The Bahamas for up to a year with the possibility of renewal twice. The Government of The Bahamas introduced this visa during COVID-19. 

Although it was discontinued in 2022, the Bahamas' residency program allows remote workers to stay and work there. Other ways to live in The Bahamas for an extended time include getting a work or business visa.

Residency Program

Purchasing property offers a pathway to residency for those interested in making the Bahamas a long-term home. Individuals who invest in real estate can apply for a residency permit, allowing them to live and work in The Bahamas for as long as they want. 

Investments of $750,000 or more receive expedited consideration for the residency permit. This program encourages remote workers and their families to settle in The Bahamas and enjoy its numerous benefits.

Reliable Internet

Reliable internet is an essential requirement for remote work. The Starlink Satellite System covers most of the Bahamas, ensuring high-speed internet access even on the more remote islands. This robust connectivity allows digital nomads and remote workers to work efficiently and stay connected with clients and colleagues worldwide.

Additionally, local internet providers such as BTC and Aliv offer various internet plans and services to suit different needs.


The Bahamas is easily accessible from major cities in Europe, the US, and Canada. Direct flights are available from cities like Miami, New York, Toronto, and London. 

For instance, flights from Miami to Nassau take just over an hour, while those from New York take approximately three hours. This convenient accessibility makes The Bahamas an excellent location for remote workers who need to travel frequently.

Tax Benefits

The tax advantages remote workers get in The Bahamas are two-fold:

  • No income tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax in The Bahamas

  • Potential tax exemptions from home countries for expats

Since there's no income tax, whether you work in the country or remotely, this can directly lead to substantial savings. Additionally, some countries, like the US, Canada, and several European nations, have tax treaties or policies to exempt their expats from paying taxes while living abroad. 

Cost of Living and Quality of Life

While the cost of living in The Bahamas is generally considered high compared to many other countries, the benefits make it an advantageous option for remote workers from higher-cost countries.

For example, the cost of living for a family of four is estimated at around $4,980 without rent, compared to $4,163 in the US. This is relatively comparable and even advantageous, given the quality of life and convenience of living in an English-speaking country compared to any other destination. 

Although some Asian coastal countries like Thailand or Vietnam might offer lower living costs, The Bahamas provides a more familiar cultural and language environment for English speakers, which can be a significant advantage for remote workers intending to live longer in the country.


Top Places in The Bahamas for Remote Workers

The Bahamas offers numerous islands that perfectly cater to the needs of remote workers. Each island has unique charm and amenities, making it suitable for different lifestyles and preferences. Here are some top places in The Bahamas where remote workers can thrive.

Nassau/New Providence

Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is located on New Providence Island. It is a hub of activity and modern amenities. It boasts reliable high-speed internet and several coworking spaces like Incudesk and aeroSPACE.

The city offers a range of housing options, from luxury condos to affordable apartments. Remote workers can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with numerous cafes, restaurants, and entertainment hubs like Baha Mar. 

Popular attractions include beaches like Cable Beach and the historic sites of downtown Nassau. The city's infrastructure and amenities make it an excellent base for digital nomads seeking convenience and connectivity.

Notable Communities: Charlotteville, Caves Heights, Lyford Cay, Port New Providence, Windsor Lakes    

Paradise Island

Connected to Nassau by two bridges, Paradise Island is renowned for its luxurious resorts and pristine beaches. It offers a serene environment combined with the amenities of a bustling city.

Remote workers will find reliable internet services and can take advantage of the leisure facilities at resorts like Atlantis, which also features cafes and lounges ideal for working remotely. 

The island's beautiful surroundings and high-end amenities perfectly balance work and relaxation.

Notable Communities: Ocean Club Estates, The Reef at Atlantis, THIRTY|SIX, Sterling Commons 


Eleuthera, known for its stunning pink sand beaches, offers remote workers a tranquil and inspiring setting. The island has several internet service providers ensuring stable connectivity. 

Housing options range from beachfront cottages to modern villas. Remote workers can enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, explore local attractions like the Glass Window Bridge and Preacher's Cave, and engage with the friendly local community. 

The best thing about Eleuthera is that it offers a peaceful work environment away from the hustle and bustle without compromising on the basic amenities.

Notable Communities: Spanish Wells, Harbour Island, communities in Governor's Harbour


Cat Island

Cat Island is a hidden gem in the Bahamas that offers a serene and culturally rich environment for remote work. It also provides a reliable internet connection, making remote work feasible. 

Housing options are diverse, from charming guest houses to private villas. Remote workers and digital nomads can immerse themselves in the island's rich culture and history, visit landmarks like Mount Alvernia and The Hermitage, and enjoy hiking and beachcombing.

Notable Communities: Fernandez Bay, Hawks Nest, Pigeon Cay 


The Exumas provide a visually inspiring and adventurous backdrop for remote work. Over 365 islands in the Exumas are famous for their clear blue waters and picturesque landscapes. The main island, Great Exuma, offers reliable internet and various coworking-friendly spots in hotels and cafes. 

Housing ranges from luxurious beachfront homes to more modest rental options. Remote workers can explore the stunning Exuma Cays, swim with pigs at Pig Beach, and enjoy numerous water activities. 

Notable Communities: Grand Isle Resort, Ocean Ridge Estates, February Point Resort Estates 


Bimini, the closest Bahamian island to the United States, is known for its excellent fishing, diving spots, and marine life. The island has good internet connectivity and offers a range of housing options, including resorts and rental homes. 

Remote workers can enjoy the laid-back island vibe, explore Bimini Road, and participate in water sports. Bimini's proximity to the US makes it an accessible and attractive option for those who need to travel frequently.

Notable Communities: South Bimini, North Bimini 

Living and Working Remotely in The Bahamas 

Living and working in The Bahamas as a remote worker or digital nomad offers a unique blend of beautiful scenery, a relaxed lifestyle, and modern conveniences. Remote workers can enjoy the best of both worlds, with reliable internet connectivity and many activities to indulge in during their free time. 

The welcoming local and expat communities in the best places to live for remote workers in The Bahamas make it easy to network and socialise, creating a fulfilling experience both professionally and personally.

Nightlife and Expat Communities

The Bahamas boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, particularly in Nassau and Paradise Island, where you can find a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants. 

Spots like the Blue Note Jazz Lounge and Aura Nightclub offer lively atmospheres and great music. For a laid-back evening, visit the famous Fish Fry at Arawak Cay, where you can enjoy local Bahamian cuisine and meet fellow expats. 

The islands have active expat communities that organise regular social events, making it easy for newcomers to connect and make friends. Places like the Green Parrot Bar & Grill are popular gathering spots for expats looking to unwind and share their experiences.

Attractions and Beautiful Beaches

The Bahamas is renowned for its stunning beaches and unique attractions. Beaches like Cable Beach in Nassau, Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, and the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park offer pristine sands and crystal-clear waters perfect for relaxation and water activities. 

Exploring the natural wonders, such as the Blue Hole in Andros and the Thunderball Grotto in the Exumas, provides endless adventure opportunities. 

For history buffs, visiting the Pirates Museum in Nassau and the historic ruins of San Salvador can be fascinating. The diverse attractions ensure remote workers can always find something exciting to do.

World-Class Amenities

Remote workers in The Bahamas have access to world-class amenities that make everyday life comfortable and convenient. 

The islands offer modern healthcare facilities, such as Doctors Hospital in Nassau and Princess Margaret Hospital, ensuring quality medical care. 

Shopping centres like the Mall at Marathon and Marina Village offer various products and services. Dining options are plentiful, with fine dining restaurants like Graycliff in Nassau offering exquisite culinary experiences. 

Various coworking spaces cater to the growing digital nomad culture, providing professional environments with reliable internet, meeting rooms, and networking opportunities. These spaces foster a collaborative community, making it easier for remote workers to connect and thrive in The Bahamas.

Safety and Seclusion

The Bahamas is generally considered a safe destination for remote workers, with low crime rates in many areas. Islands like Eleuthera, Cat Island, and the Exumas offer a sense of seclusion and tranquillity, making them perfect for those seeking a peaceful working environment. 

Gated communities and resorts in The Bahamas provide a heightened sense of security, ensuring peace of mind for residents. While it's always wise to take common-sense precautions, the overall atmosphere in The Bahamas is welcoming and secure. 

The combination of safety and natural beauty makes it an attractive destination for digital nomads looking for a serene and inspiring place to live and work.

The Bahamas is an excellent destination for remote workers. It offers a profitable environment with favourable tax benefits, reliable internet connectivity, and diverse housing options. 

ERA Dupuch Real Estate is your trusted partner in helping remote workers find a perfect home and a profitable investment in The Bahamas. Our expertise ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of this tropical paradise while securing a valuable property that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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