Discover the Best Beaches in the Bahamas To Buy Your Dream House

The Bahamas is an excellent choice for wise real estate investments due to its attractive tax policies, favourable business atmosphere, and solid infrastructure. Unlike many other countries, it has no capital gain, income, or inheritance tax, making it highly attractive to those who wish to reduce their overall tax burden. 

Not only does this dreamy destination boast crystal clear waters and immaculate beaches, but government policies facilitate overseas investors. Those investing in properties valued at least $1 million get accelerated considerations for Permanent Residency. And, it's also possible to acquire residential properties of up to two acres without prior government approval.

Since The Bahamas is a ‘tax haven’ for smart investors, the property market has a relatively quick turnaround indicative of high demand. “Well-priced properties in popular locations such as Nassau, New Providence, Eleuthera and Exuma don’t stay up for sale long,” said Helen Aaron Dupuch, Owner and Broker at ERA Dupuch Real Estate. “In comparison, acreage located in less-populated areas of Eleuthera or Exuma may take relatively longer to sell.”

Such a secure and prestigious address, a wealth of natural beauty, and a stable political environment make The Bahamas a highly desirable destination for purchasing luxury real estate. Prospective buyers will be delighted to invest in one of the excellent communities, with access to the best beaches in the Bahamas right on their doorstep.

bahamas beachfront home

Things To Consider When Buying Beachfront Property

To ensure a successful investment and a pleasant vacation destination or permanent residence, consider the following:

    • Amenities: Research proximity to nearby amenities and how convenient it is to get to and from the property.
    • Insurance: Typically, beachfront properties may have higher insurance costs compared to those situated away from the beach because they’re exposed to the elements.
    • Location Preference: Some beaches, like Junkanoo Beach, are heavily populated and cater more to tourists, while others, such as Fernandez Bay Beach in Cat Island, are quiet and secluded. 
    • Maintenance: Higher salt levels in the air lead to rust and erosion. Humidity also increases the risk of wood rot and mould infestation. For instance, a free-standing wood bungalow will require more maintenance than a marina-facing condo.
    • Property Condition: Island homes are harder hit by the elements. Bring a home inspector to check for storm damage, flooding, and potential structural issues. 
    • Zoning Regulations: Some areas, including luxury estates, have restrictions on the height and building style allowed.

Albany beachfront real estate

1. Albany

Island: New Providence Island

Communities Nearby: Albany

Average Home Value: $6 million and up 

Property Types: Luxury Homes

Albany is home to a 600-acre private community that redefines seaside luxury. A breathtaking combination of natural splendour and architectural innovation, complemented by high-end amenities like a mega-yacht marina and an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Ernie Els, offers the best in sophisticated island living.

An equestrian centre, multiple restaurants, a spa and fitness complex, and a family waterpark are only a short distance from the beach. Close access to Nassau and the Lynden Pindling International Airport makes Albany a sought-after location with expansive oceanfront homes and condos.

Explore real estate listings near Albany

Cable Beach real estate

2. Cable Beach 

Island: New Providence Island

Communities Nearby: Downtown Nassau, West Bay Street

Average Home Value: $1,005,000

Property Types: Apartments, condos, villas

A mere hour's flight away from Miami and just a few miles west of Nassau lies the balmy shoreline of Cable Beach. Affectionately called 'The Bahamian Riviera," it boasts powder-soft white sand, five-star luxury resorts, and the iconic Baha Mar Casino. 

Due to its shallow, warm waters, Cable Beach is perfect for families who enjoy watersports and other seaside activities throughout the year. Those lucky enough to reside on the coastline's luxury beachfront mansions, family homes, and condominiums are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore real estate listings near Cable Beach

Cabbage Beach Real Estate

3. Cabbage Beach

Island: Paradise Island

Communities Nearby: Ocean Club Estates, Paradise Island

Average Home Value: $1,183,387.82

Property Types: Luxury Homes

Cabbage Beach covers a two-mile stretch of white sand from the western edge of the Atlantic Resort, all the way east, past the Paradise Island Beach Club. Coconut palms have replaced the original cabbage palms, but the beauty of this alluring beach bearing their name remains unchanged.

Shimmering white sand contrasts with waves in a dazzling array of colours. Waters range from pale aquamarine to deep emerald and cobalt blue, attracting laid-back expats and holidaymakers seeking beachfront condos and apartments with golf course facilities, restaurants, and world-class entertainment.

Explore real estate listings near Cabbage Beach

Love Beach Real Estate

4. Love Beach

Island: New Providence Island

Communities Nearby: Caves Heights, West Bay Street

Average Home Value: $909,394.06

Property Types: Condos, townhome complexes

A short 20-minute drive from Nassau lies a hidden paradise on the northwestern side of New Providence Island called Love Beach. Condominiums and two-story townhomes in this oasis offer flawless architecture and awe-inspiring design.

An escape from the busy nature of the other island beaches, Love Beach offers a mile-long stretch of secluded tranquillity with a 40-acre coral reef within striking distance of the shore. At low tide, snorkelers have the unique opportunity to observe an array of marine creatures as they traverse the refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore real estate listings near Love Beach

Junkanoo Beach Real Estate

5. Junkanoo Beach

Island: New Providence Island

Communities Nearby: Downtown Nassau

Average Home Value: NA

Property Types: Condos, villas, townhomes

Junkanoo Beach bears the namesake of the Junkanoo festival, a vibrant representation of Bahamian culture. The festival alone attracts an excess of $18 million in tourism-based investments. During the festival, rental properties can reap the benefits of increased demand and heightened tourist activity, adding another layer of appeal for prospective investors.

Shallow water and calm surf make Junkanoo Beach an excellent destination for families. This small yet idyllic seashore features many nearby restaurants and cafes, populated with locales, expats, and foreign passengers from cruise boats docked nearby. 

Nestled near the pristine shores of Junkanoo Beach, One Particular Harbour by Margaritaville Resorts at The Pointe is a luxurious marina resort offering an exquisite blend of beachfront living and upscale amenities. With its two eight-story towers, this exceptional property features a range of condo hotel units and condos boasting unobstructed harbour and ocean views. 

Explore real estate listings in Nassau/New Providence – Downtown near Junkanoo Beach

Jaws Beach Real Estate

6. Jaws Beach

Island: New Providence Island

Communities Nearby: Old Fort Bay, Lyford Cay

Average Home Value: $6,578,886.95

Property Types: Luxury Homes

Old Fort Bay is in the northwestern corner of New Providence Island, near the prestigious Lyford Cay. These two exclusive, gated communities are among The Bahamas' most desirable destinations offering marina residences, villas, and empty lots ripe for development.

Their pristine shorelines offer an impeccable combination of old-world paradise with 5-star living amenities, including a yacht club, fine dining establishments, an 18-hole golf course, a private clubhouse, and an international school. 

Both communities are exceptional waterfront neighbourhoods with many houses directly facing the ocean or one of the modern canals. Nearby are Captain's Beach and Jaws Beach, perfect spots for a day of surf and sand.

Explore real estate listings near Jaws Beach

Palm Cay and Port New Providence Real Estate

7. Palm Cay and Port New Providence

Island: New Providence Island

Communities Nearby: Palm Cay, Port New Providence

Average Home Value: $1,272,032.29

Property Types: Luxury Homes 

Private white-powder sand oceanfront stretching for 1,500 feet, combined with its proximity to some of the world's finest fishing and diving spots, firmly establishes Palm Cay as a tailor-made, tropical haven. This fully-equipped marina with spectacular views is a holidaymaker and boater's paradise for many. 

Right next to it is the gated, canal-front community of Port New Providence, with single-family homes, condos, and a private beach. The well-maintained shoreline is approximately 1,000 feet long and offers several amenities, including a playground, picnic area, and volleyball court. 

Port New Providence Beach is a popular spot for sailing, kayaking, waterboarding, swimming, and other watersports. Seapointe is a townhome complex inside Port New Providence with its own spectacular white sandy beach.

Explore real estate listings near Palm Cay

Explore real estate listings near Port New Providence

Exuma Beaches Real Estate

8. Exuma Beaches

Island: Exuma Islands

Communities Nearby: Great Exuma and Little Exuma

Average Home Value:

Property Types: Luxury Homes

The Bahamas district of Exuma is a utopia for real estate hunters, with over 365 islands and unspoiled beaches, such as Stocking Island Beach, Pig Beach, and Tropic of Cancer Beach. From vacant lots to single-family homes and even private islands, there is something to suit every beach-life dream.

George Town, the largest settlement, is a small bustling tourism and shipping port that helps keep Great Exuma properties in high demand. 

Tropic of Cancer Beach, also called Pelican Beach, is a stunning crescent of white sand situated by a sparkling blue-green sea along the shore of Little Exuma. It is the largest beach on the island and one of the most picturesque in the Exuma chain.

Pig Beach, more commonly called Big Major Cay, is an uninhabited island home to a colony of wild pigs that have since become a major tourist draw. According to legend, the pigs were brought to the island by sailors who planned on returning but never did. 

Stocking Island residents are privy to beaches with alabaster-coloured sand, delicate coral gardens, and mysterious caves beneath the water's surface. Snorkelers and divers alike have the unique opportunity to view stromatolites, the oldest macro-fossils in the world, located along the island's scenic Atlantic shore.

Explore real estate listings near Exuma Beaches

Eleuthera Beaches Real Estate

9. Eleuthera Beaches

Island: Eleuthera Island

Communities Nearby: Rainbow Bay, Russell Island, Spanish Wells

Average Home Value: 

Property Types: Private islands, villas, empty lots.

Natural, untamed, and unspoilt, Eleuthera Island is free from casinos, crowds, and cruise ships. Many of its islets, such as Harbour Island, exude natural beauty, boasting opulent resorts, magnificently crafted cottages, villas, and homes. 

North Eleuthera is the main point of entry for the residents of Harbour Island. It’s the go-to spot for the rich and famous, and most notably, Pink Sand Beach, a three-mile stretch of picturesque pink sand lapped by peaceful waters.

Rainbow Bay is a very popular neighbourhood offering affordable lots and homes, providing primary residence opportunities as well as thriving rental options. On the other end, Russell Island and Spanish Wells offer best of the both worlds with their island peace and quiet coupled with city-like stores and restaurants.

Then there is Surfers Beach between Hatchet Bay and Gregory Town, considered one of the best surfing spots in the world, close to ready-to-buy cottages and empty lots for discerning developers. 

North of Surfers Beach is French Leave Beach, also known as Club Med Beach. Situated on the Bank's Road in Governer's Harbour, it's one of the most peaceful beaches on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera with mostly warm water. Between rolling hills and mature coconut trees are lots serviced with water and electricity, waiting to be transformed into beautiful vacation homes.

Explore real estate listings near Eleuthera Beach

Dean's Blue Hole Beaches Real Estate

10. Dean's Blue Hole

Island: Long Island

Communities Nearby: Clarence Town, Deadman’s Cay

Average Home Value: 

Property Types: Single-Family Homes

Hurricane Zone: Yes

​​Long Island is especially renowned for Dean's Blue Hole— the second deepest recorded in the world, plunging at an astonishingly deep 600 feet. Enveloped by a natural 3-sided rock amphitheatre and a tranquil turquoise lagoon and snow-white beach on the other side, it is truly a sight to behold.

Also popular is the northernmost beach, Cape Santa Maria Beach. At the heart of this crescent-shaped shore are a boutique resort and several opportunities to own property on its creek side.

A peaceful island of serene beaches, rugged cliffs, ancient caves, and beautiful coral reefs, Long Island's real estate listings include beachfront bungalows, villas, and yet-to-be-developed acreage.

Explore real estate listings near Long Island Beaches

Treasure Cay Beach Real Estate

11. Treasure Cay Beach

Island: Great Abaco Island

Communities Nearby: Treasure Cay

Average Home Value: 

Property Types: Single-Family Homes

Treasure Cay is a peninsular attached to the Abaco mainland, featuring the world-famous Treasure Cay Beach alongside other seashores with crystalline sands and turquoise waters, such as Sandpiper Beach. A short ferry ride away is the popular tourist destination of Green Turtle Cay.

It’s a picture-perfect postcard of the Bahamas. It offers amenities such as a fuel dock, convenience store, liquor store, and the famous Florence's Cafe for great local dishes. The Bahama Beach Club is a popular beachfront resort with spacious and well-appointed condominium-style accommodations. Families can relax and swim at its beautiful white sand beach and enjoy water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding.

It’s only half an hour flight away from Florida, making it one of the closest Bahamian islands to the USA. Treasure Cay offers some of the choicest beachfront properties, from small beachfront villas to huge luxurious waterfront homes.

Explore real estate listings near Treasure Cay

Old Bight Beach Real Estate

12. Cat Island Beaches

Island: Cat Island

Communities Nearby: Fernandez Bay Village

Average Home Value: 

Property Types: Beach bungalows, empty lots

Characterised by uninhabited beaches, historic ruins, and rustic charm, Cat Island is the least inhabited Family Island in the Bahamas. Relatively inexpensive and untainted, it offers beachfront bungalows, villas, and lush acreage nestled among ocean views.

Notable beaches include Fernandez Bay, a one-mile private stretch of fine sand lined by Casuarina trees on the sheltered side of the island with notable beachfront properties like Turquoise Tides, and Old Bight Beach, on the southwestern outskirts, next to a village of the same name. Those looking for privacy will find it here.

Explore real estate listings near Cat Island Beaches

The Bahamas has a stable economy with an ever-increasing GDP. Tourism and foreign investment are two major pillars of the country’s economy. That’s why the government in The Bahamas is investing heavily in infrastructure development and tax incentives for foreign investors.

Exciting new communities are emerging, offering a range of appealing real estate options like apartments, condos, villas, and land for sale. These communities cater to diverse investors, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you dream of a luxurious estate in esteemed areas like Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay, or Albany or a cosy beachside home in the Family Islands, Dupuch can help you find the perfect property that suits your preferences.

Let ERA Dupuch Real Estate help you find the perfect oasis and make your island dreams a reality!

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