July 2015

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Summer is here and school is out. Baseball and soccer seasons are over, the weekends are free again. Summer is boating season for many families in The Bahamas. A typical Saturday, Sunday or evening jaunt would be to Rose Island, only minutes away. However, when the weather looks good, the wind is forecast to be calm, and the ocean is flat, we have what is known as an ‘Exuma Day!’.

Exuma Cays Bahamas

The Exumas form a chain of around 365 islands and cays (yes, one for every day of the year!), that lie scattered to the south east of Nassau, New Providence, and you can’t miss them if you head straight out of the Port New Providence canal and keep going.

 About 80 miles away, to the north of Staniel Cay, is Big Majors Spot, home of the swimming pigs, (and a couple of

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Brigadoon PoolNo home in The Bahamas, whether it is a primary residence, your second home, or an income producing property, is complete without a crystal clear, sparkling pool. Perfect for cooling off in on the hot summer days, your pool will be the spot in the long summers where you chill, hang and relax, the focal part of your outdoor space.

< The pool at this Brigadoon Estates listing comes with a bar, perfect for parties and entertaining!

The age old question when installing a new pool, and one which the pool contractor should ask you is, 'Do you want a Saltwater pool or a Chlorine pool?'. To make the right choice,  we need to understand the difference between the two, and pick the one that suits. Note, the jury is still out on which one is better!


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