ERA Bahamas Real Estate: Client Testimonials

April 24th, 2013

Dear Dave,

Words are inadequate when it comes to describing the gratitude my wife and I feel towards you for helping us out in our first time home purchase. We are forever grateful for your level of care, response, ethics, and professionalism on our behalf during this extremely sensitive process.

You truly are an exceptional broker! Not only do you know the market extremely well, but you have also been very diligent, responsive, and extremely patient with us during the many rough spots that we have had on the road to closing on the house. In every instance you were a tremendous help in sorting out the issues. You even gave me a “polite nudge” when I needed to move quicker on certain things LOL.

We were extremely lucky in finding you, and it would be hard to envision working with someone else who could have done a better job than you or being anything but happy with the end results of stepping into our brand new home!

Again, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! Sincerely,

Kam & Felita

Kam & Felita

My wife and I would like to thank both you Ken, and Byron from the bottom of our hearts. You both acted very professionally during the entire process!

K.S. Three bed family home